Employee Leasing

Get the personnel you need from us
so that you can concentrate on your work!

If your permanent staff are overloaded and you’re in need of additional personnel, then partnering with ALPINA is the right thing for you. We make staff available for temporary employment, ranging from periods of weeks to years. Together we can establish the terms that are right for you.

Our employees are under contract with us; they are fully covered by social insurance. ALPINA personnel are compensated for their work according to the Austrian temporary work act and the collective contract that covers employee hiring. We handle the payment of taxes and related fees.

The Advantages of ALPINA Personnel Consulting

  • Our employees are carefully selected, with an emphasis on in-depth expertise
  • No minimum employment duration for personnel provided by ALPINA
  • We can quickly replace any employees who do not meet your expectations
  • Uncomplicated employment periods allow you to schedule personnel efficiently
  • You are only billed for actual working hours provided
  • Provisions are in place for occupational safety
  • Clearance certificates

Saving You Time

  • We find the personnel and handle scheduling
  • Decrease the pressure of pending deadlines
  • Avoid personnel bottlenecks
  • Freedom from disruptions like illness, vacations, military service, etc.
  • More flexibility in terms of termination periods
  • No incidental wage costs

What You Gain

  • Saving of fixed costs
  • Offset fixed costs
  • Offset vacation or sick leave
  • Trained and qualified employees
  • Ensure your productivity
  • Precision personnel scheduling