ALPINA Personalconsulting

ALPINA Personal Consulting is a dynamic, future-oriented company. Our aim is to create trusted, lasting relationships with our clients and employees by establishing and maintaining quality personal contact.

In order to be able to offer optimal solutions today, it is essential to put the wishes and concerns of the customer first. That’s why we at ALPINA emphasize the interpersonal aspect of doing business, and relatedly the chemistry between our clients and our employees has to be spot on.



What We Offer

Qualified Personnel

  • CNC technicians
  • Metalworkers/welders
  • Fitters, in Austria and abroad
  • Carpenters/woodworkers
  • Construction workers with the skills you need
  • Construction vehicle operators
  • Industrial painters/sandblasters
  • Painters – interior and exterior
  • Machinists
  • Production workers
  • Electricians/mechatronics technicians
  • Quality assurance experts
  • Salaried staff of all kinds

Industries We Cover

  • Metal
  • Construction
  • Industry
  • Business
  • Production

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